Packaging Aluminium Guttering and Downpipes

Packaged pallet of aluminium rainwater goods checked and ready for delivery

At Stormguard Aluminium Rainwater Systems we take pride in our packaging; we spend time checking and making sure our customers receive our products in perfect condition. There is nothing worse than getting to site with products that have been damaged during the transport process.

Aluminium Deepflow clip fit gutter H/R

One of our customers ordered our Aluminium Deepflow clip fit gutter, for a School in Derbyshire, as you can see from above nothing got damaged. All half round and deep flow systems must be installed in conjunction with the purpose made extruded aluminium fascia brackets, which should be between 750 to 600 centres. Direct fix is not possible with these profiles. The extra depth of the deep flow gutters are great for buildings that have steep roofs, as they allow for more water to flow through them.

The profiles are an exact replica of the traditional cast iron systems that are still providing services across the UK to this day. ‘Cast-a-like’ is a special Powder Coating finish that is available on all our rainwater goods. It is intended, as the name suggests, to give aluminium the appearance and feel of cast iron. The disadvantages of cast iron are its weight and its susceptibility to rust. Until recently, its dimpled appearance was unique. However, the cast-a-like finish that is now available combines the appearance of a cast product with the durability of aluminium. The result is a product that has a traditional look and feel, is easy to fit and has a long life span.

Installation & Maintenance

The time taken to fit gutters, and the cost of maintaining them are increasingly becoming more demanding, as projects require lower prices with minimal maintenance requirements to reduce costs. Aluminum by nature meets the modern requirements, as its installation is very simple and cost effective due to its low weight and high strength.

The clear benefits from this is the minimal time required to fit the products – making it commercially economic, and the minimal weight on roofline fascias and soffits, causing less stress on the building – therefore reducing the overall maintenance requirements and costs in the long term. An interesting derivative from using an aluminium rainwater system is the fact that on average, aluminium is in constant price appreciation, and over a period of time will theoretically pay for itself and its maintenance!

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