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Aluminium Standards

Stormguard Aluminium Rainwater products meet the highest standards in the European market for its aluminium, meeting all the necessary standards for extruded, sheet and cast aluminium products. Aluminium rainwater profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy 6063 T4 T5 T6 to BS EN ISO 7759-2010.

Aluminium sheet is manufactured from aluminium alloy SIC H4 to BS 485-1:2008. The pressed components are produced from aluminium sheet manufactured from SIC H4 to BS 485-1:2008. Aluminium castings are produced from aluminium alloy to BS EN 1706:2010.

Conservation & Specification

Many of the UK’s conservation areas are decidedly stringent on the type of products that they allow to be used on heritage and protected buildings. Stormguard’s aluminium gutters are used and specified extensively throughout the UK and Ireland on numerous listed buildings within heritage and conservation areas due to the high quality and suitability of the products.

Numerous architects, councils, surveyors and institutions both in the private and public sectors also specify Stormguard Rainwater Systems comprehensively throughout the UK and Ireland for their aluminium guttering, fascia and soffit systems.

Guttering Installation & Maintenance

The time taken to fit gutters and the cost of maintaining them are increasingly becoming more demanding, as projects require lower prices with minimal maintenance requirements to reduce costs. Aluminium guttering by nature meets the modern requirements, as its installation is very simple and cost effective due to its low weight and high strength.

The clear benefits from this is the minimal time required to fit the products – making it commercially economic, and the minimal weight on roofline fascias and soffits, causing less stress on the building – therefore reducing the overall maintenance requirements and costs in the long term.

An interesting derivative from using an aluminium rainwater system is the fact that, on average, aluminium is in constant price appreciation, and over a period of time will theoretically pay for itself and its maintenance!