Wall Capping Systems

Wall Capping provides two beneficial services to both existing and new parapet and perimeter walls. Wall Capping is now recognised as the most cost effective means of protecting and weatherproofing existing structures. Wall Capping also provides a very attractive, cosmetic improvement to the line of any building. When considering new structures, wall capping is often specified as part of the building programme to minimise any future maintenance.

The capping can be supplied in a range of polyester powder coated colours that can merge and become part of the overall colour scheme of the project. For long term, virtually maintenance-free protection, we would recommend considering ‘Eclipse’ wall capping systems.

Technical Specification

The ‘Eclipse’ wall capping range is manufactured from aluminium alloy 14 gauge (2.0mm) to BS 1470 SIC. 

Note: Ventilation is provided by the continuous aperture between the sides of the wall and the capping system.


The capping systems are manufactured to suit each individual wall. The dimensions of the girth of the wall must include any previous rendering, etc. Standard length of wall capping is 3.0m.

Accessories and Fittings

All 90º and non-standard angles are fabricated and welded in house. There is a wide range of stop ends and ‘T’ sections individually manufactured to suit each application.


The capping system is fixed in position by clipping both edges of the capping under the holding down bracket. The system ensures minimal visibility of fixings from ground level. The brackets are fixed to the top of the wall at the prescribed intervals using HPS 6/5 hammer screws or stainless fixings. It is recommended that two strips of low modulus sealant are applied to each holding down bracket. The sealant will allow thermal movement without the possibility of leakage.