About Us

Stormguard Rainwater Systems is a member of the Stormguard Group, whose products have, since the late 19th Century, maintained a reputation for quality in both design and manufacture with Architects and Contractors. Stormguard Rainwater Systems offers a fully comprehensive range of extruded, pressed and cast aluminium rainwater systems, including bespoke, for every type of domestic, commercial or industrial building.

The company provides a range of complimentary products and systems ranging from wall cappings, flashings and general requirements of both a standard and customer designed nature, in the full range of available polyester powder coated colours. 

Stormguard Rainwater Systems

Stormguard is a family run company with over 150 years experience in the rain and draught excluder industry. Its principle product, the Stormguard Sill, sometimes known as the Macclesfield step, has been produced since the late 19th century.

Respected by architects and contractors and fitted to properties throughout the UK, the Stormguard Sill is a product that works. Unique designs, superior build quality, and extended range, ensure that Stormguard are at the forefront of the industry.

The company’s determination to develop new products and improve existing designs, in line with their customers’ requirements, has established Stormguard’s reputation as leaders in the field of rain and draught exclusion development. Their success has allowed Stormguard to expand its product range to incorporate a fully comprehensive range of extruded and fabricated aluminium rainwater systems for every type of domestic, commercial or industrial building, as offered by Stormguard Rainwater Systems, and a complete home flood defence system, as offered by Stormguard Floodplan.

Stormguard is also the market leader in domestic sliding door gear systems producing a selection of simple, yet effective products, as offered by Slik Sliding Door Gear.

The Original Macclesfield Sill

Production of Macclesfield Sills began at the Regent Foundry in Macclesfield in the late 19th century. The Foundry still stands, but production has now been transferred to the Regency Mill, itself a fine period Georgian Mill. Whilst the methods of production have kept pace with modern technology, the Stormguard Sill retains the same proven design principals.

For retail customers, Stormguard supplies several ranges of Retail Packaged Products. 

Also part of Allmand-Smith Ltd: Spiral Colour Printing Solutions, which now incorporates Banner Printing Android and Flyer Printing Android, two sub divisions that are adding real value to the Group offering. 

Macclesfield Regent Foundry

Regent Foundry in Macclesfield