Eclipse Wall Capping – Wind Test

Stormguard Rainwater, a leading manufacturer of aluminium rainwater systems, wall cappings and profiles, has proven their Eclipse wall capping system can easily withstand UK wind speeds.

Independent testing, as carried out by BRE*, as part of Stormguard’s ongoing product development, ensures both architects and installers can specify and fit our wall capping systems with complete confidence.

With no current British or European standard in place relating to the wind uplift testing of wall capping systems, BRE and Stormguard developed a realistic test system to simulate the effects of repeated wind-loading on the Eclipse wall capping system.

Wind test
Stormguard Rainwater Coping Wind testing Rig

Multiple cyclical loading tests, which exceed realistic UK wind conditions, were used to demonstrate the strength and durability of both the Snap Fit and Mechanical Fix wall capping systems.

Whilst other manufacturers have used single pull / peak gust tests on their products to test wind loading, cyclical load tests model the long-term effect of wind loading on components. Although cyclical tests may produce lower wind speed figures, the results obtained are representative of the components’ behaviour throughout their life cycle; this reflects a realistic response of wind speeds when acting on our products when installed.

Both Eclipse wall capping systems achieved UK loading requirements: secret fix brackets attained a wind speed of 144 mph whilst the mechanical fix system withstood 199 mph – surpassing twice hurricane force winds.

* ‘BRE Global (Building Research Establishment) is an independent, international certification body, offering certification for a range of environmental products and services. Third-party certification involves the checking – by impartial experts – of manufacturing processes and services to ensure that they meet international safety, quality and performance standards.’

Stormguard Wall Capping Wind Test Report